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The SEB Rifle Rest "Mini-X", like its predecessors "NEO" (with cast base) and "Mini" (foldable), is made of the highest quality materials and also has their outstanding properties. The possibility of fine adjustment via "joystick" is also particularly noteworthy here.

This lever can of course be removed for easier transport of the Rifle Rest and, thanks to its reversing function, can be adapted to the shooter's preferences. This gives you the choice of whether lifting the lever also raises the support or lowers it. It can also be attached to either the front or the back of the base. The movements of the joystick are transferred directly and without jerks to the adjustment mechanism and allow even the finest position corrections for elevation and windage.

As with all common "tripod" rifle rests, the support of the Mini-X also rests on a threaded rod, with which it can be adjusted in height and swiveled through 360°. The legs can be angled (as with the predecessor "Mini"), which allows you to perfectly compensate for uneven floors or give the entire support even more height.

A further development of the Mini-X are the feet at the end of each leg that can be bent and locked in place with a clamping lever. This allows even the smallest bumps to be leveled out and gives the Rifle Rest a firm footing when standing on bent legs.

As with the SEB "NEO", the contact surface for the fore-end has been divided into three parts. The side "ears" can thus be adjusted independently of each other - and thus even more precisely - in the side.

The "stopper" for the fore-end has also been improved. The original lever that could be locked three times became a wide, rounded "U" that can be continuously locked within its rail. Due to the new shape, the stopper supports the fore-end evenly on both sides, which ensures an even more secure, firm support.

Like all SEB rifle rests, the Mini-X has an integrated spirit level. In contrast to the "Mini", it was enlarged and installed slightly offset downwards. This makes it even more visible from behind and below (from the shooter's shooting position).

All in all, we probably don't lean too far out of the window when we claim that the SEB Mini-X is currently the best, most sophisticated and absolutely most precise foldable rifle rest on the market.

Key data:

Weight approx. 5.5 kg
Upper part that can be swiveled through 360° and locked in any position
Folded dimensions approx. 12.7 cm x 17.8 cm x 41.3 cm
Lowest height approx. 15.9 cm
Maximum height approx. 25.4 cm (or higher if legs are bent - we have tested a stable position even at 28 cm)
Extra wide "footprint" of 43 cm with flat legs
Removable adjustment lever and with change function (a "push up" can either raise or lower the support, depending on the selected setting)
Delivery includes a spacious transport bag made of durable nylon (Cordura)

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