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Oznake: HENKE
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Note: Delivery does not include sandbags, attachments and ground spikes. Please order these individually for your needs.

The Henke Rifle Rest is the first rifle rest to be mass-produced in Europe. We have teamed up with top shooters and developed our own rifle rest. We have worked particularly closely with master gunsmith Martin Menke from Heiden, who is also a multiple German Bench Rest Champion. Our goal was to create a stable, stable, easy to use and high quality Rifle Rest. We have undoubtedly succeeded in doing this with the present model. The legs are guided in grooves and are foldable. It only takes a few simple steps to convert the Rifle Rest from being transport-friendly to being ready for use. Only two screws have to be loosened with the supplied Allen key, the legs screwed into the corresponding groove and one screw per leg hand-tightened. This means that the Rifle Rest is already in working condition. After loosening the toggle screw by half a turn, the platform can be raised and lowered with the help of the user-friendly star wheel. The leveling screws at the end of the legs have hardened tips. They also give the Rifle Rest a very high level of stability due to the weight of 5 kg on a solid surface. All parts, except for the thread, are chrome-plated to protect against rust. When used on grass and sandy soil, we recommend equipping the leveling screws on the underside with our earth spikes. This protects the thread from dirt and significantly increases stability. The price-performance ratio is extremely balanced with this Rifle Rest.

Maximum height without attachment: 18.5 cm
Minimum height without attachment: ca.13cm
Radius (from the middle of the threaded rod to the end of the foot) = 17 cm

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