civilian shooting range ritoša target d.o.o.

Ritoša target d.o.o. operates within the activity of sports facilities, and the founder is Đani Ritoša. This whole project was launched in order to fulfill the long-standing wish of the owners that in the area of Istria there is a place for professional and recreational shooting, and to expand the offer offered by the hunting equipment store Ritoša trgovine d.o.o.
Surrounded by nature, the open civilian shooting range is located in the village of Ritošin Brig, and wants to enable its users to relieve stress in a professional and safe way and have fun shooting at fixed targets, and to zerooing their optics and firearms. Professional staff will ensure that the entire process takes place in accordance with the regulations and that it takes place in a secured environment
The shooting range is equipped with digital targets located at 50 and 100 meters, and it is also possible to shoot at a target at 10, 15 and 25 meters.
Ritoša target d.o.o. is currently the only registered open civilian shooting range in Istria.

Official court: Trgovački sud u Pazinu
MBS: 130088027, OIB: 91292270824
Company name: Ritoša target d.o.o.
Adress: Ritošin Brig 20b, 52447 Vižinada
Core capital: 20.000,00 kuna
Company type: LTD
Founder:  Đani Ritoša 

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+ 385 52 654 160